Scholarships In Saudi Arabia For Pakistani Students 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering fully funded Scholarships In Saudi Arabia opens its doors to Pakistani students, from Diplomas to PhD programs. This initiative caters to both Pakistani residents and legal residents of Saudi Arabia providing an unparalleled opportunity for academic and personal growth.

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Scholarships In Saudi Arabia For Pakistani Students 2024 {Fully Funded} [Bachelors+Masters]


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Opportunities of the Scholarships In Saudi Arabia For Pakistani Students

Free Lodging: The Scholarships In Saudi Arabia include coverage for accommodation expenses, ensuring a comfortable stay for scholars during their academic pursuits.

Furnishing Allowance: Married scholars receive a three-month furnishing allowance upon their arrival in the Kingdom, facilitating a smooth transition to their new academic environment.

Return Air Ticket: Scholars are provided with a return air ticket, making travel to and from Saudi Arabia hassle-free.

Free Medical Coverage: Comprehensive medical coverage is extended to students and their families, particularly prioritizing the well-being of married scholars.

Graduation Allowance for Books: Upon graduation, scholars receive a three-month allowance for the shipment of books, aiding them in building a valuable academic resource.

Subsidized Meals: Campus dining facilities offer subsidized meal options, making daily life more affordable for scholarship recipients.

Recreational Activities: Scholars enjoy access to sports and recreational activities on campus, with additional support for dependents and travel expenses.

Monthly Allowance: Science students receive a monthly allowance of 900 Saudi Riyal (SR), while humanities students receive 850 SR, ensuring financial support throughout their academic journey.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Scholarships In Saudi Arabia For Pakistani Students

  • Nationality: Applicants must be Pakistani or AJK nationals.
  • Distribution of Scholarships: 75% of Scholarships In Saudi Arabia are dedicated to students from Pakistan, with the remaining 25% reserved for Pakistani students residing in the Kingdom.
  • Gender Inclusivity: Both male and female applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Age Limit:
    • Bachelor’s Program: 17 to 25 years.
    • Master’s Program: Below 30 years.
    • PhD Program: Below 35 years.
  • Commencement Date: Selected applicants will commence their programs in September/October each year in Saudi Arabia.
  • Scholarship Exclusivity: Applicants should not be holding any other scholarship at the time of availing of the Saudi scholarship.
  • Criminal Record: Applicants must not have any criminal record.
  • Educational Record: Applicants should not have been suspended from any educational institution on disciplinary or valid grounds.
  • Additional Requirements: Applicants must comply with any additional requirements set by the respective Saudi University or the Saudi Government.

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Application Process Of Scholarships In Saudi Arabia

  • Direct Application: Interested students must apply directly on the respective Saudi university’s website/online portal.
  • University-specific Criteria: Each university has its own eligibility criteria and application timeframe. Detailed information on each discipline, course, and university is available on the respective websites.
  • Available Levels: Scholarships are offered at the diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD levels.
  • Diverse Disciplines: Scholarships span a wide range of disciplines, including political science, law, education, administration, economics, engineering, computer science, agriculture, Arabic/Islamic studies, and media sciences.
  • Participating Universities: A total of 25 universities in the Kingdom are offering these scholarships, with specific admission percentages for Princess Noor Binte Abdul Rehman University for Girls, Riyadh, and Jamia Islamia Madinah Munawara.
  • Application Submission: The university will forward applications to the Saudi Ministry of Education for the final award of scholarships to eligible applicants.
  • Embassy Follow-up: Applicants are encouraged to share a copy of the submitted application with the official email of the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh for follow-up with the Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia, and the respective university for the grant of scholarships.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Scholarships In Saudi Arabia

What academic levels are covered by the fully funded scholarships in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani students?

The scholarships cover various academic levels, including Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

Can Pakistani students residing in Saudi Arabia apply for these scholarships?

Yes, the initiative extends to both students residing in Pakistan and those who are legal residents of the Kingdom.

What are the benefits provided to scholarship recipients in terms of accommodation?

Scholars enjoy free lodging, with the scholarship covering accommodation expenses.

Is there a furnishing allowance for married scholars?

Yes, married scholars receive a three-month furnishing allowance upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

Do scholars receive a return air ticket as part of the scholarship benefits?

Yes, scholars are provided with a return air ticket, facilitating smooth travel to and from Saudi Arabia.

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