Top 5 Best Investment Apps In Pakistan 2024 | Best Investment Apps For Students

Are you a beginner or a student looking for the best investment apps in Pakistan? Then, you are at the right place.

Investing online is a tricky venture; investing in the right place can make your future very bright. On the other hand; you can lose your hard earnings with a single bad investment.

So, to help people like you, we have short-listed the top 5 investment apps with the highest returns, and the risk of losing money is equal to none.

(We have thoroughly monitored these Apps and after careful examination, we have short-listed the top 5 investing apps, trusted by millions across Pakistan. So, select any app that suits your budget and change your life).

Having stated that, let’s start our guide!

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List Of Best Investment Apps In Pakistan With High Returns


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Investify PSX Stocks Pakistan


Investify PSX Stocks Pakistan is a verified and one of the best investment apps in Pakistan on the Stock Exchange. It’s a stable and unique platform offering real-time stock market data, insightful charts, and the latest business news to help you make informed investment choices.

Investify PSX Stocks App Features


Investify PSX Stocks is one of the best investment apps in Pakistan Features:

Real-Time Updates: Stay updated with live quotes and prices for over 500+ PSX companies. Monitor market watch KSE, view volume, value, open, 52-week high/low, upper and lower lock, ask and bid data. Indices such as KSE100, KSE30, KMI30, and KMIALL are also included.

Predicting Future Prices: Technical analysis in Investify uses past prices to forecast future price movements. It includes indicators like RSI, STOCH, MACD, Pivot points, three-level Supports and Resistance points, and Simple Moving Averages (SMA).

Interactive Graphs: Dive into detailed price and volume charts, covering up to five years of historical data.

Visualize Price Movements: Enjoy interactive price and volume charts covering the day, months, and up to 5 years of historical data. Tap on the charts for more detailed information.

Financial Insights: Investify provides a range of financial indicators for most symbols it covers. This includes EPS, P/E Ratio, PEG, Profit Margins, ROE, ROA, Dividends, Yield, Book Value, PBV, Current & Quick Ratio, and more.

Detailed Stock Information: Access financials, technical analyses, company announcements, and profiles.

Business News: Keep the latest developments in the business and finance world, aiding you in your investment strategy.

Investify Functions and Features


Portfolio Management: Easily manage your investment portfolio, keeping track of your help and their performance.

Personal Watchlist: Create a customized list of your favorite stocks, accessible across various devices.

Notifications: Daily updates on market trends, portfolio performance, and relevant news directly on your mobile device.

Investify PSX App achievement

Over 618,234 Downloads: Many investors trust and use Investify App, making it a popular choice among users.

5,581 Reviews: Satisfied users have left positive feedback about their experiences with Investify.

Established in 2015: Investify was founded to deliver high-quality PSX tracking services to users.

No.1 PSX App: Investify has earned the title of being the top app for tracking the Pakistan Stock Exchange, recognized for its reliability and features.

Investify PSX Stocks Investment Apps Review

Investify PSX Stocks is a verified and one of the best investment apps Review.

According to Moeen Kashmiri: I like this app. It’s simple and fast to use. I’ve tried another app called iinvest, but had a problem where I lost a month of data history. Their support wasn’t helpful either. Now, I’m switching to Investify. One thing it lacks is multiple portfolios, which I need since I have two brokers. Please add this feature. Thank you.

According to Ahmed Badar: This app is one of the best for trading & investing in PSX. I rely on it for several reasons: It’s easy to use, especially for someone like me. It provides real-time data during market hours. Portfolio management is smooth, and manual entries are easy. Historical data and technical analysis are reliable. I prefer entering dividends manually, which this app allows.

FinPocket – Stock Trading App


FinPocket is a verified and one of the best investment apps for discussing, analyzing, and trading stocks on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. With FinPocket, you can join thousands of Pakistanis and dive into investing in stocks, ETFs, IPOs, and Futures.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the stock market or a seasoned trader, FinPocket offers the tools and features you need to easily buy or sell stocks of publicly listed companies in Pakistan. These are the best investment apps.

Features and General Information


Investment Apps are platforms where you can save and invest your money for profit over time.

Savings and Investment: Savings are money you don’t spend, while investment apps involve using those savings to buy that generate profit.

Where to Invest: Remember to beat inflation when investing. In Pakistan, with an 8% inflation rate, your return should exceed 8% for positive adjusted returns. For instance, investing in dollars, which appreciated around 7% on average in the last 20 years, may not be favorable.

Stock Exchange: The Pakistan Stock Exchange is where shares of publicly listed companies are bought and sold daily. Institutions like CDC, NCCPL, and SECP ensure its smooth functioning.

Trading Stocks: In the stock market, shares of companies are bought and sold. Sellers offer shares at the ‘Ask Price,’ while buyers bid at the ‘Bid Price,’ with a slight difference between the two.

Factors Affecting Stock Price: Understand how stocks are valued before investing. Three main factors include Company Financials, Growth Trajectory, and Macro Variables.

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Investment In the Following Companies


FinPocket is a verified and one of the best investment apps Investment in such companies:

  • Here Pakistan Ltd
  • Systems Ideas by Gel Ahmad
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Engro Corporation
  • MCB Bank Limited (EEZA Bank M N)
  • Nishat Group
  • Unilever Pakistan
  • United Bank Limited (UBL) – Where You Come First
  • Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. – The Power of Dreams

FinPocket Investment Apps Review

FinPocket is a verified and one of the best investment apps Review.

Zuhaib Ahmad says: This Investment app or trading platform for PSX is one of the few with a modern interface, but it’s still a bit tricky to use. Opening an account involves a lot of paperwork, which isn’t entirely their fault. Transactions go through cheques or fund transfers with the broker.

HUZAIFA shares: I use the app on my iPhone, but it keeps crashing when I try to log in. I’ve complained through chat multiple times, but there hasn’t been any app update. (Posting my review here hoping for a response, already shared it on the app store).

Ping Up – Investment App Pakistan


Ping Up is a verified and one of the best investment apps in Pakistan. Ping Upholds the Securities and Futures’ Advisors (SFA) license regulated by SECP. This license ensures guidelines are followed to protect consumers from misinformation.

At Ping Up, we value work-life balance. Whether in our Karachi office or around the world, we prioritize a friendly atmosphere while the importance of downtime. We encourage breaks and outdoor time to recharge, fostering support and even during busy times.

Ping Up App Features

Ping Up is a verified and one of the best investment apps Features:

Investment Process:

  • Ping Up simplifies investing by providing clear guidance in easy wording.
  • We offer helpful resources and tools to help new investors in learning as they go.
  • Share your goals with us, and we’ll provide a help you achieve them.


  • Signing up with Ping Up is open to everyone.
  • Our minimum deposits are set as low as possible for all.
  • Trading in high allows us to lower costs, resulting in better rates for our clients.
  • With Ping Up, access to investment opportunities is within reach for everyone.

Ping Up Investment Apps Review


Ping Up is a verified and one of the best investment apps Review.

According to review, Ping Up is a verified from SECP and one of the best investment apps in Pakistan. It is top rated investment apps in Pakistan.

XM – Trading Point


XM is a verified and one of the best investment apps in Pakistan. Upholds high standards in its services, ensuring quality is prioritized for both the company and its clients. XM is committed to staying update to global market demands and approaching clients’ investment objectives.

Features and Benefits

Enjoy to over 1000 trading instruments, including Forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs, providing opportunities for wide-ranging investments.

Benefit from 24/7 trading of cryptocurrencies with XM, offering flexibility around the clock.

Leverage of up to 1000:1 is available, providing enhanced trading potential and opportunities for growth.

Take advantage of bonuses of up to $5,000, enhancing your trading capital and potential returns.

Trading Opportunities

XM provides over 50 global currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, and thematic indices, offering a diverse range of investment opportunities.

Trade with confidence using XM’s turbo stocks, which offer popular CFDs on stocks with leverage of up to 200:1.

Explore opportunities in metals, energies, and thematic indices, expanding your investment portfolio and potential returns.

Trading Tools

  • XM offers a range of tools to enhance your trading experience, including personal account managers, forex market research, daily webinars, video tutorials, and forex trading signals.
  • Access trading platforms on any device, anywhere, with a choice of 10 platforms to suit your preferences.
  • Receive 24/7 live help and support from XM’s dedicated team of professionals to address any queries or concerns.



XM has been recognized with many awards for its exceptional customer service, including

  • Best FX Customer Service
  • Best FX Broker in Europe
  • Best FX Broker in Australasia
  • Best FX Broker in Latin America
  • Best FX Broker in the Middle East
  • Most Reliable Broker globally in 2023

XM Investment Apps Review

XM is a verified and one of the best investment apps Review.

According to Jessie Lang: Customer service is very poor and starting an account is difficult. They repeatedly ask for IDs and billings, even after correcting documentation. Creating an account feels unnecessarily challenging, and verification of simple documents takes forever. I wouldn’t recommend this broker and suggest saving time by choosing a better platform.

According to Hleketani Carl: I don’t recommend it. I’ve missed out on many winning trades due to discrepancies between TradingView and XM. Orders appear executed on TradingView but not on XM, leading to missed opportunities. Also, stop-loss orders on XM trigger earlier than expected, causing losses on potentially profitable trades. Overall, I lost a significant move on Gold due to these issues.

All You Need To Know About Investment Apps In Pakistan (Q&A)


Are Investing Apps Safe?

Investing apps are generally safe, but it’s crucial to choose reputable platforms like FinPocket and XM that prioritize security measures. Ensure apps are licensed and regulated, and consider user reviews for insights into reliability.

Which App Is Safe To Invest Money?

FinPocket and XM are considered safe options for investing money. Both platforms have established reputations, stick to regulatory standards, and offer a range of features to support secure investing. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider individual preferences and requirements before selecting the best app for investment.

Best Investment App For Beginners

For beginners, FinPocket emerges as a top choice due to its easy interface, educational resources, and high features for novice investors. With its intuitive design and access to diverse investment opportunities, FinPocket provides a supportive environment for beginners to start their investment journey with confidence.

Others apps like:

  • Investify PSX Stocks Pakistan
  • FinPocket – Stock Trading App
  • Ping Up – Investment App Pakistan
  • XM – Trading Point

Best Investment App For Students

The best investment app for students would be FinPocket. It offers a easyinterface, educational resources, and a range of investment options suitable for beginners, including stocks, ETFs, and Futures.

Which Is The Best Company To Invest In Pakistan?

In Pakistan the best company to invest depends on its investment goals, risk, and market conditions. Some of the top companies mentioned for investment in Pakistan include Here Pakistan Ltd, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Engro Corporation, and Unilever Pakistan.

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Top 3 Richest investors in the world?

Warren Buffett: With a net worth of over $138.5 billion, Warren Buffett is renowned for his investment prowess as the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha” and is known for his value investing approach.

Carl Icahn: Carl Icahn has a net worth of over $20 billion and is known for his activist investing style. He is the founder and controlling shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified conglomerate holding company.

Jim Simons: With a net worth of over $20 billion, Jim Simons is a renowned mathematician and hedge fund manager. He founded Renaissance Technologies, one of the most successful quantitative hedge funds, known for its innovative use of mathematical and statistical methods in investing.

    FAQs | Investment Apps

    What is Investify PSX Stocks app and their features?


    Investify PSX Stocks Pakistan is a one of the best investment apps in Pakistan, offering real-time data, insightful charts, and the latest business news. With features like real-time updates, technical analysis, interactive graphs, and financial insights, it’s a comprehensive platform for informed investing. Trusted by over 618,234 users and established in 2015, it’s the go-to choice for managing portfolios and staying updated on market trends.

    What is FinPocket Stock Trading App?


    FinPocket is among the top investment apps for trading stocks on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Whether you’re new or experienced, it offers easy trading in stocks, ETFs, IPOs, and Futures. With FinPocket, investing in companies like Here Pakistan Ltd, HBL, Engro, and Unilever is simple and accessible.

    Which are the achievements of XM Stock Trading App?


    XM has been recognized with many awards for its exceptional customer service, including

    Best FX Customer Service
    Best FX Broker in Europe
    Best FX Broker in Australasia
    Best FX Broker in Latin America
    Best FX Broker in the Middle East
    Most Reliable Broker globally in 2023

    What is the user review on Investify PSX Stocks Investment Apps?


    Moeen Kashmiri appreciates Investify for its simplicity and speed. Dissatisfied with iinvest due to data loss and unhelpful support, he’s now switching to Investify. However, he suggests adding a multiple portfolios feature to better suit his needs.

    2.Ahmed Badar considers this app among the finest for PSX trading and investing. He finds its ease of use particularly beneficial, along with real-time market data availability. Smooth portfolio management, reliable historical data, and technical analysis further contribute to his reliance on the app. He appreciates the option to manually enter dividends, enhancing his experience.

    What is XM Investment app?


    XM is a best investment app in Pakistan, prioritizing quality services and staying updated with global market trends. With over 1000 trading instruments, 24/7 cryptocurrency trading, and leverage of up to 1000:1, XM offers extensive trading opportunities and potential for growth. Additionally, it provides bonuses up to $5,000 to enhance trading capital. With diverse investment options including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities, XM caters to a wide range of investors. Access to trading tools like personal account managers, webinars, and 24/7 support further enriches the trading experience for users.

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