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There are about 23 Million out-of-school children in Pakistan. The whole purpose of this guide is to spread awareness about educational NGOs so that more people know about them and help children who can not attend school due to poor financial conditions.

These educational NGOs in Pakistan are helping poor students, especially orphans and children of handicapped parents via scholarships and cash grants through different programs/schemes across Pakistan.

Our list includes the following top 3 educational NGOs that help poor students in Pakistan:

  • The Citizens Foundation
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Zindagi Trust.

In the following guide, we will explore the key services/projects of these NGOs, and we will also guide you on how anyone can contact these organizations to help any child with his education.

Now, let’s start our guide!

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List Of Top Educational NGOs In Pakistan | NGOs Helping Poor Students In Pakistan


Table Of Contents

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The Citizens Foundation


The Citizens Foundation (TCF) started in 1995 with a simple goal: to use education for good. After 29 years, it’s become a top organization in Pakistan for helping less Educated children get an education.

TCF’s vision is about making Pakistan better by breaking down barriers and allowing everyone to make positive changes. Their mission focuses on education as the key to a brighter future, not just academically, but morally and spiritually. These educational NGOs value sincerity, service, beauty, and positive behavior, guiding everything they do.

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The Citizens Foundation Education Program

The Citizens Foundation educational NGOs cover various areas to ensure quality education for all:

  • Digital Literacy Programme (DLP): Teaching students essential digital skills for the modern world.
  • Early Childhood Education: Focusing on the crucial early years of a child’s development.
  • Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education: Emphasizing the importance of learning in one’s native language.

TCF’s 5Cs of educational NGOs define their commitment to quality education:

  • Creative and Critical Thinking: Encouraging students to think independently and analytically.
  • Conceptual Knowledge: Providing a strong foundation of understanding in key subjects.
  • Confidence: Helping students believe in themselves and their abilities.
  • Core Values: Instilling principles of sincerity, service, beauty, and positive behavior.
  • Communication Skills: Developing effective communication abilities in students.

The Citizens Foundation Training Program


Citizens Foundation educational NGOs have four main training programs to help enhance the skills and effectiveness of our staff:

Training ProgramAbout
Pre-Service Training (PRESET):Gets new hires ready for their roles in schools.
In-Service Training (INSET):Supports ongoing learning and maintains teaching quality.
Principals Academy (PA):Guides school Principals to lead effectively.
Training of Trainers (TOT):Conducted by Master Trainers to develop new trainers within the TCF school network.

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Aga Khan Foundation


Around the world, millions of children and teenagers are still out of school, and many who do attend struggle to learn basic skills. Sadly, a large portion of these learners are girls, showing persistent inequalities.

The Aga Khan is dedicated to partnering with governments and communities to provide children and youth with the education they need to thrive. Currently, we’re active in several countries, working to improve access to quality education, enhance learning outcomes, and promote inclusive learning environments.

In 2022 alone, our programs reached nearly a million learners across thousands of schools and learning spaces. We also trained thousands of teachers and parents to better support children’s education.

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Aga Khan Foundation Education Program

The Aga Khan Foundation Education Program aims to improve learning outcomes in schools and universities.

FeaturesEducation Improvement ProgrammeUniversities Improvement
Approach:Identified school systems; minimum 10-year timeframeCollaborative effort with universities
Duration:Minimum 10 yearsOngoing
Focus:Selected schools to develop scalable modelsCollaboration with the University of Central Asia,
Goals:Sustainable outcomes; improving learning outcomesImproving governance, faculty development, etc.
Gender Responsiveness:Addresses gender gaps; focuses on increasing accessNot explicitly mentioned
Partnerships:Establishes partnerships for scaling interventionsCollaboration with University of Central Asia,
Aga Khan University
Geographic Focus:Schools in various locationsPriority institutions in Afghanistan, Pakistan,
Tajikistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic
Aga Khan Foundation Education Program

What Does The Aga Khan Foundation Do?


FeaturesCommunity DevelopmentAga Khan University (AKU)
Focus: Ensuring food security, nutrition, livelihoods, and natural resource managementImproving quality of life through teaching, research, and healthcare delivery
Partnerships:Collaborates with communities and civil society organizationsEngages in partnerships to achieve its mission
Goals:Enhancing competency, legitimacy, accountability, and sustainabilityAdvancing world-class education, research, and healthcare
Approach:Works directly with communities to address their needsUtilizes teaching, research, and healthcare delivery
Impact:Tangible improvements in food security, livelihoods, and natural resource managementImproving quality of life in the developing world and beyond

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Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The Aga Khan Foundation’s International Scholarship Programme provides postgraduate education opportunities for exceptional scholars from selected countries who lack other means of financing their studies.

Aga Educational NGOs in Pakistan Established in 1969, it has supported over 1,000 students to date. Recipients are chosen through a global competitive process, with a limited number of new awards available each cycle. While the 2024-2025 cycle is closed, applications for the 2025-2026 cycle will open in early January 2025.

At present, the AKF ISP is available in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and Uganda. In Canada, France, Portugal, and the USA, etc.

Zindagi Trust


In 2011, Zindagi Trust Educational NGOs in Pakistan introduced chess into its school programs, inspired by Shehzad Mirza. This move aimed to create a richer learning environment and boost thinking skills in children. Over a decade, Zindagi Trust developed a chess curriculum with modern education trends, benefiting its managed schools.

Additionally, the Zindagi Trust Educational NGOs in Pakistan’s advocacy efforts led to the Sindh Government’s approval of a new teacher evaluation format, improving education quality by assessing teaching skills and classroom interaction effectively.

Zindagi Trust Educational Institiute

FeatureKhatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls SchoolSMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School
Adoption Year:20152007
Total Students:11092440
Total Teachers:50125
Transformation:Remarkable transformationSignificant changes and progress
Interventions:Infrastructure upgrade, governance enhancement, teacher professional development, academic innovation, tracking systems, extracurricular activitiesSupplementary Syllabus, School Consolidation
Impact:Serves as a model for other government schoolsEmerged as a beacon of educational excellence
Success:A shining example of improvementInspiration for enhancing educational standards
Educational NGOs In Pakistan

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All You Need To Know About Educational NGOs In Pakistan (Q&A)


Who Is The Owner Of Aga Khan Fund?

The Aga Khan Development Network was founded and chaired by His Highness the Aga Khan. Prince Amyn, His Highness’s younger brother, and Sultan Ali Allana, a Director of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, also play significant roles within the network. The Aga Khan Development Network, led by Aga Khan IV, focuses on improving the quality of life in Asia and Africa through various development agencies like the Aga Khan Foundation.

Which NGO Helps Poor Students In Pakistan?

Many NGOs in Pakistan work to support education for poor students. One prominent organization is the Zindagi Trust, which focuses on reforming government schools to provide quality education to underprivileged children. Through various initiatives, including school adoption programs, Zindagi Trust aims to support the educational standards and opportunities for students from different backgrounds.

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Which NGO Is Working For Child Labour In Pakistan?

The CEO of The Citizens Foundation is Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad. He joined TCF in January 2009 and has been a dedicated advocate for education for over twenty years. TCF was founded in 1995 by six Karachi businessmen and philanthropists: Mushtaq Chhapra, Ehsan Saleem, Ateed Riaz, Rashid Abdulla, Arshad Abdulla, and Hamid Jaffar.

Which Is The Free Education NGO In Pakistan?

CARE Foundation is another notable NGO in Pakistan that offers free, high-quality education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their mission is to ensure that every child, regardless of their socio-economic status, has access to education. Through their efforts, the CARE Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty by empowering children with knowledge and skills for a better future.

Which NGO Is For Orphans In Pakistan?

The Edhi Foundation, founded by Abdul Sattar Edhi, stands as one of Pakistan’s largest and most renowned charitable organizations. Dedicated to supporting orphans and vulnerable individuals, it offers shelter, healthcare, and educational support to orphaned children, and a range of other welfare services across the nation.

SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan, established in 1977, is a private non-profit organization committed to the welfare, upbringing, and education of orphaned and abandoned children in Pakistan. Through its network of children’s villages, it provides a nurturing family environment, education, and essential support to ensure the well-being and development of each child under its care.

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FAQs | Educational NGOs

What are Educational NGOs?


Educational NGOs are non-profit organizations that focus on providing educational opportunities and support to communities in need. These organizations work to improve access to quality education, enhance learning outcomes, and empower individuals through knowledge and skills development. They may offer various programs such as school support, teacher training, literacy initiatives, scholarships, and vocational training to address educational challenges and promote lifelong learning.

Which are the best 3 Educational NGOs in Pakistan?


These are the best 3 Educational NGOs in Pakistan:

The Citizens Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation
Zindagi Trust

Which are the top training programs of The Citizens Foundation?


Our training programs at The Citizens Foundation (TCF) focus on building and enhancing skills for our staff members. Pre-Service Training (PRESET) gets new hires ready for their roles before they start working in schools. In-Service Training (INSET) provides ongoing learning opportunities to ensure our teachers keep growing and delivering quality education. The Principals Academy (PA) supports school leaders in becoming effective in their roles. Lastly, Training of Trainers (TOT) helps develop new trainers within our school network, ensuring that knowledge and expertise are passed on effectively.

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