Aman Foundation Ambulance (Services+Helpline)

The Aman Foundation, established in 2008, is a distinguished non-profit and charitable organization operating in Pakistan. One of its vital services is the Aman Foundation Ambulance, a lifeline offering urgent medical aid to those in dire need.

The organization has a highly trained and dedicated team of professionals, with well-maintained vehicles. Aman Foundation has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence in the healthcare sector, extending its services to thousands of patients each year.

In this article, we will discuss, Aman Foundation Services with a special focus on Aman Foundation Ambulance service, and Challenges Faced By Aman Foundation, etc. So, Let’s start our guide!

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Aman Foundation Ambulance | Aman Foundation Services


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Aman Foundation Services


Aman Foundation is a non-profit and charitable organization in Pakistan. Aman Foundation provides many Services. like Emergency Medical Services, Education, and many others. So, Let’s discuss it!

Emergency Medical Services

Aman Foundation offers a crucial service in the form of Emergency Medical Services. These services are centered around the provision of swift and life-saving medical assistance.

The organization operates a fleet of state-of-the-art ambulances, staffed by a dedicated team of extensively trained paramedics, ensuring swift and effective emergency medical interventions for those in need.

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Aman Foundation plays a crucial role in the healthcare sector, offering a spectrum of essential services.

This includes the deployment of mobile health units, which bring medical care to communities that lack access to affordable healthcare. Additionally, they operate a medical helpline that facilitates telemedicine consultations.


Aman Foundation champions economic empowerment through various programs, such as vocational training and microfinance initiatives, initiatives designed to support individuals in their businesses.

These efforts aim to empower individuals to improve their economic prospects and achieve financial independence.

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Aman Foundation is dedicated to advancing education through Various initiatives, such as scholarships, collaborations with educational institutions, and partnerships with schools and universities to enhance access to high-quality learning opportunities.

Its primary goal is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to receive a quality education, striving to educate and empower all students.

Research and Advocacy

Aman Foundation plays a significant role in the realms of research and advocacy, actively focusing on researching a wide range of social and health issues in Pakistan.

Their primary objective is to champion policies and practices that advance the cause of social justice and equality. Aman Foundation endeavors to bring about positive change and create a more equitable and just society in Pakistan.

Community Development

Aman Foundation plays a crucial role in advancing community development, with its primary goal of enhancing the well-being of communities. They are dedicated to promoting sustainable progress and self-sufficiency among these communities.

Aman Foundation Courses List


Aman Foundation offers a wide range of educational and skill-building courses designed to empower individuals for a brighter future.

Top 5 Courses offered by Aman Foundation:

  • Emergency Medical Technician Course
  • Paramedic Course
  • Vocational Training
  • Nursing Assistant Course
  • IT Courses

So, Let’s discuss it!

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Paramedic Course

Aman Foundation’s Paramedic Training Program offers advanced training in emergency medical response and patient care.

Participants gain valuable knowledge and skills in life-saving treatments and procedures, collaborating closely with medical experts and professionals.

This initiative presents a significant opportunity for individuals in Pakistan to receive high-quality paramedic education and contribute to critical healthcare services in their communities.

Vocational Training Courses

Aman Foundation offers a wide range of Skill Development Programs across various fields, which include hospitality, retail, and customer service.

The primary aim of these programs is to teach students valuable skills that enhance their employability, opening doors to successful and fulfilling career opportunities.

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IT Courses

Aman Foundation provides a wide range of Information Technology programs, which include such as web development, graphic design, programming, software development, etc.

These programs are designed to prepare individuals for careers in the IT industry, fostering digital literacy and encouraging innovation.

This presents a significant opportunity for students to acquire valuable skills in IT fields like web development, CSS, HTML, and others, equipping them for success in the ever-evolving tech sector.

Medical Technician Courses

Aman Foundation offers comprehensive Emergency Medical Technician courses, providing instruction in emergency medical response, basic life support, and patient care.

These courses are designed for students with essential knowledge and skills for medical interventions in critical and urgent situations.

Participants learn to take decisive steps when faced with medical emergencies, ensuring they are well-prepared to make a difference in critical healthcare scenarios.

Aman Foundation provides nursing courses, including the Nursing Assistant program, which covers fundamental nursing skills, patient care, and infection control.

These courses prepare individuals for careers as nursing assistants in various healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

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Challenges Faced By Aman Foundation | Aman Foundation Ambulance


Aman Foundation faces various challenges in its efforts to provide essential services and support to underserved communities in Pakistan.

Certainly, here are the challenges faced by the Aman Foundation | Aman Foundation Ambulance:

  • Limited Funding: Aman Foundation grapples with financial constraints, relying on donations and funding sources to sustain its programs and expand its reach.
  • Security Concerns: Operating in certain regions with security concerns can pose challenges to the safety of staff and beneficiaries, affecting the foundation’s ability to provide services effectively.
  • Infrastructure Challenges: Inadequate infrastructure and logistics can hinder the foundation’s efforts to reach remote and underserved areas, impacting service delivery.
  • Human Resource Constraints: Ensuring a large number of trained professionals and staff to deliver services efficiently can be a challenge.
  • Changing Societal Needs: Many programs to address evolving societal needs and emerging challenges, such as health crises, economic fluctuations, and climate-related issues, can be demanding.

Aman Foundation Contact Number

  • Aman Foundation Address: Aman Foundation, Bungalow No. D-94, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Phone: 1021 or 111-11-2626
  • Email:

Foundation Ambulance operates 24/7 round-the-clock, ensuring that help is available whenever it is needed.

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Aman Foundation Ambulance Contact Number

Phone/Helpline: 111-11-2626

This is a no-cost/Free helpline available for requesting emergency medical assistance offered by the Aman Foundation Ambulance service.

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FAQs | Aman Foundation Ambulance

What is Aman Foundation Ambulance?


Aman Foundation Ambulance is a vital emergency medical service provided by the Aman Foundation in Pakistan. It offers immediate medical assistance to individuals in critical situations.

Is Aman Foundation Ambulance service available 24/7?


Yes, Aman Foundation Ambulance operates round-the-clock, ensuring that help is available whenever it is needed.

What are the Top 5 Courses offered by the Aman Foundation?


Top 5 Courses offered by Aman Foundation:

1. Emergency Medical Technician Course
2. Paramedic Course
3. Nursing Assistant Course
4. Vocational Training
5. IT Courses

How can I request an Aman Foundation Ambulance?


You can request an Aman Foundation Ambulance by dialing their toll-free emergency number, which is 111-11-2626.

What types of emergencies does Aman Foundation Ambulance respond to?


Aman Foundation Ambulance responds to a wide range of medical emergencies, including accidents, cardiac incidents, respiratory distress, and other life-threatening situations.

Are the Aman Foundation Ambulance staff trained, medical professionals?


Yes, the Aman Foundation Ambulance staff are highly trained paramedics and medical professionals who are well-equipped to provide emergency medical care.

What types of courses does the Aman Foundation offer?


Aman Foundation offers a wide range of courses, including healthcare, vocational training, IT, and more. These courses are designed to empower individuals in various fields.

What are the primary services provided by the Aman Foundation?


Aman Foundation offers a range of services, including emergency medical assistance, healthcare initiatives, vocational training, community development, youth empowerment, and more.

What are the key services offered by the Aman Foundation?


Aman Foundation provides Emergency Medical Services, healthcare initiatives, livelihood programs, educational support, research and advocacy, and community development services.

How does the Aman Foundation contribute to the healthcare sector?

Aman Foundation plays a vital role in the healthcare sector by offering Emergency Medical Services, mobile health units, telemedicine consultations, and contributing to community health.

What educational initiatives does Aman Foundation?

Aman Foundation is dedicated to advancing education through various initiatives, including scholarships, vocational training, partnerships with educational institutions, and collaborations with schools and universities.

What are the top courses offered by the Aman Foundation?


Aman Foundation offers courses such as Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Vocational Training, Nursing Assistant, and Information Technology (IT) courses.

Can you discuss the Paramedic Course offered by the Aman Foundation?

Aman Foundation’s Paramedic Course provides advanced training in emergency medical response, life-saving treatments, and procedures. It empowers individuals to contribute to critical healthcare services in their communities.

What is the aim of Aman Foundation’s Vocational Training Courses?

Aman Foundation’s Vocational Training Courses aim to enhance employability by teaching valuable skills in fields such as hospitality, retail, and customer service, providing career opportunities.

What challenges does the Aman Foundation face in its initiatives?


Aman Foundation faces challenges such as limited funding, security concerns in certain regions, infrastructure limitations, human resource constraints, and the need to adapt to changing societal needs.

How does Aman Foundation address the need for skilled healthcare professionals in Pakistan?


Aman Foundation addresses the need for skilled healthcare professionals by offering courses like Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic, providing advanced training to individuals interested in contributing to critical healthcare services.

What is the helpline number of Aman Foundation?

Aman Foundation Contact Number | Aman Foundation Ambulance:

Aman Foundation Ambulance Address: Aman Foundation Ambulance, Bungalow No. D-94, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.

Phone: 1021 or 111-11-2626.


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