How To Get A Used Car On Installments In Pakistan | Second Hand Cars On Installments

Getting a car in installments in Pakistan is a difficult task especially when you don’t have a permanent job or source of income. But when it comes to getting a used car on installments, it seems impossible to get one that suits our budget and requirements.

Worry not! In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting your dream second hand cars on installments whether it’s a new or a used one.

We will guide you through the following steps:

Step-I: Search/find your desired car through offline and online sources e.g. OLX, or through Social Media, and negotiate a price for your selected car.

Step II: Visit the nearest office of one of the recommended leasing companies by us (a list of top leasing companies is given below).

Step III: Get an installment plan, and pay the downpayment which is usually 20% of the value of the car. The leasing company pays a Lumsome amount to the previous owner and the car would be handed over to you with an authority letter.

Once you pay the remaining amount to the company (along with the company’s profit), the car will be transferred to your name. That’s it!

Having said that. Now, let’s start our guide to getting a used car on installments in a step-by-step manner so, you know every bit of the process. Let’s get started!

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How To Get A Used Car On Installments In Pakistan | Second Hand Cars On Installments


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List Of Top Car Leasing Companies

Here is the List Of Top Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan:

  • ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited gives Second cars in installments
  • Pak Wheels Car Leasing Company Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Asian Leasing Corporation Ltd Used Car On Installments
  • Pak. Gulf Leasing Company Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Paramount Leasing Limited Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Saudi Pak Leasing Co Ltd Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Pak Sufi Financing Co Pvt Ltd Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Dewan Motors Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Indus Motor Leasing Company Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Pak Suzuki Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Zarco Exchange Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Atlas Lease Limited Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Hertz Leasing Company Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Avis Budget Group Giving Used Car On Installments
  • Alamo Rent a Car Giving Used Car On Installments
  • National Car Rental Company Giving Used Car On Installments

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Process Of Finding A Used Car On Installments In Pakistan


Find A Used Car

When you find a used car in installments in Pakistan, the first step is to have a clear idea of the specific car model you want and its pricing in the local market.

Many Platforms and sites like OLX, Asian Leasing, Atlas Leasing, or PakWheels provide an excellent resource for finding the best car sellers and connecting with these sellers.

you can also find local used car dealerships to see their offerings and discuss installment options. If you are not satisfied with these websites you can also find and visit used cars on installments.

Finding The Best Dealership


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The second most important step is finding the best dealer. Because many dealers currently work in Pakistan some are fake and most are trustable.

So, you have to find the best car used dealer (used car on installments) in Pakistan. It is also important to visit the dealership and get to know the authenticity and process before purchasing a car.

After that, you visit and check and know about your dream car. Check this car, checking all features, conditions, etc. The dealership should also be able to provide information on financing options and explain all terms and conditions associated with the purchase.

To identify the right option, thorough research and visiting are necessary. Look for providers offering good quality vehicles at competitive rates, terms and conditions, good and low interest rates, and an installment plan according to your budget.

After selecting your dream car the price of the installment plan should be Negotiated.

Negotiate Price

After selecting a car, negotiating on price is an essential part of the car buying process. it can help you to get a great deal on your used car in installments.

Before you decide, be sure to check and compare various car models and their prices from different dealerships.

Remember that dealers aim to sell, so don’t hesitate to make alternative offers until you reach a mutually agreeable deal.

Be nice and friendly, but feel free to request a lower price, extra perks, or bonuses like free maintenance or warranty deals.

Making an Easy Used Car on Installments Plan


After Negotiating the Price, it is very important to discuss about Installment Plan. You must have to make a Making Easy Installment Plan according to your budget.

Before you pick one, make sure you know their financing rules and interest rates. This way, you’ll be prepared for what’s coming and where to go for your application.

This can help you find the right plan, but it’s vital to explore different choices if the rates offered by the dealership or platform aren’t the best.

When you’re doing your research, it’s a good idea to ask banks and lenders about any special deals they might have on certain used car models. They might offer discounts that can save you some money.

Making Down Payment Process

To get an installment plan, you’ll typically need to make a down payment, which usually ranges from 10% to 20% of the total price of the used car.

After that, the leasing company provides a lump sum to the previous owner, and the car gets transferred to your name with an authorization letter.

The dealership might ask for a down payment based on the agreed car price before you can have the car.

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Pay Money and Collecting Document And Car


Once you’ve negotiated the price, agreed on the fixed terms, and set up your installment plan, the final steps involve paying the money as per the agreement and collecting all the necessary documents.

In the final part of the car-buying process, you need to register the Car in your name. This usually means filling out the required forms, paying any relevant fees, and obtaining the official registration papers and license plates that confirm the car belongs to you.

Best Companies Giving Second-Hand Cars On Installments

Here are the details of the best companies giving second-hand cars on installment:

Pak Wheels Car Leasing Company

PakWheels founded in 2003, has grown to become the leading automotive hub in Pakistan.

It has played a vital role in helping many Pakistanis buy and sell cars, access automotive reviews, stay up-to-date with car-related news, check vehicle prices, and meet all their automotive needs.

When it comes to fulfilling anything related to automobiles, PakWheels is the name that instantly comes to mind.


  • Find Your Ideal Car: First, you need to search for and pick the car you want to buy.
  • Explore Featured Used Cars: Get detailed information about the cars available for sale.
  • Sell Your Car: If you have a car to sell, you can do that here too.
  • Connect with Used Car Dealers: Find dealers who can help you with buying or selling your car.
  • Check the Price Calculator: Use a handy tool to calculate car prices and make informed decisions.

Through this site, you can buy new and Second-Hand Cars On Installments/Used Car Installments in a very easy way.


With over 25 million annual visitors browsing more than 250 million pages on the platform, is a preferred destination for car enthusiasts.

In the past year alone, nearly half of Pakistan’s internet users turned to for buying and selling, involving a staggering 400,000 vehicles.

This remarkable success has not only solidified PakWheel’s position in the global e-commerce and classifieds sectors but has also culminated in a successful initial funding round, raising a substantial USD 3.5 million.

ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited

OLP Financial Services Pakistan Limited, formerly known as ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited, came into existence in July 1986 as a result of a partnership between Japan’s ORIX Corporation and local investors. This company is publicly listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

OLP’s main office is situated in Karachi, and it has a network of 38 branches spanning 35 different cities in Pakistan.

The majority of shares are held by ORIX Corporation, accounting for 49.6% of the company’s ownership. ORIX Corporation, established back in 1964, is a well-respected financial services group from Japan with operations extending across 37 countries worldwide.

With more than five decades of experience, the group boasts significant total assets of Yen (Y) 12,405 billion and equity of Y 2,887 billion as of June 30, 2019, which is approximately equivalent to US$ 118 billion and US$ 27 billion, respectively.

Services Offered


Orix offers a variety of financial services:

  • Corporate Lease: For businesses to get equipment without a big upfront cost, helping manage assets wisely.
  • Consumer Auto Lease: If you want to buy a car, Orix offers an option to pay in smaller installments.
  • Commercial Vehicle Lease: Ideal for businesses needing a fleet, Orix makes vehicle management flexible and cost-effective.
  • Certificates Of Deposit: Securely save money and earn interest with low risk.
  • Agri Finance: Supporting farmers and agri-related businesses with financial aid for their operations and equipment.
  • Microfinance: Helping small businesses and individuals access loans and financial support.
  • Operating Lease: Get equipment for specific periods without the commitment of ownership.
  • Term Finance: Ideal for funding large projects or long-term investments.
  • Commercial Real Estate Finance: Supporting businesses in acquiring or developing commercial real estate.
  • Insurance: Corporate Agency: Orix helps businesses secure necessary insurance coverage to protect their assets and operations.

You can also buy new and Second-Hand Cars On Installments/Used Car On Installments through Orix Leasing company.

Pak Suzuki Motors Leasing Company


Suzuki Car Leasing is the best company in Pakistan. It was established in September 1982 through a collaboration between the Government of Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan.

This formalized the partnership that had already produced the Suzuki SS80 since 1982. With Suzuki Leasing, you have the option to purchase both new and used cars in installments, making it convenient to own the car you desire.

Product Offers

Generally, they provide three types of leasing products:

  • Automobiles
  • Motorcycle
  • Outboards

But we discuss Car leasing so, we discuss Automobiles.

Suzuki Car Leasing provides a variety of car models, including the popular Alto, Swift, and WagonR. You can choose to buy these cars either with full payment upfront or through installment plans.

They offer both brand-new and Used cars, giving you flexibility and options when it comes to your car purchase.

Pak Gulf Leasing Company

Pak Gulf Leasing Company offers a convenient and flexible used car on installments Solution to make your dream of car ownership a reality. With this option, you can secure financing for up to 90% of the value of your chosen vehicle.


  • The opportunity is available for high-value vehicles, those priced above Rs. 7.5 Million.
  • Enjoy a comfortable repayment period that extends up to 5 years.
  • Whether you’re eyeing a brand-new car or a Used Car, whether it’s imported or locally manufactured, you have the flexibility to choose from the dealer of your preference.
  • Your vehicle will be protected with insurance from a top-rated ‘AA‘ insurance company, and a Tracker Facility will be installed for the entire duration of your financing.
  • Accessing the Vehicle Finance Solution is straightforward. You can visit us at our Karachi main office or our Lahore branch. For further assistance, you can also reach out to us through the provided registered landline numbers and email addresses.

Used Car On Installments In Pakistan in Pakistan From OLX

OLX is a major online platform in Pakistan that connects buyers and sellers. You can use this website to sell or buy a wide range of products, including cars, bikes, mobile phones, pets, watches, and more.

In this article, we’ll specifically discuss the option to purchase a used car on an installment basis through the OLX app or website.

This convenient feature allows you to acquire a car while making payments over time, making it more accessible to own the vehicle you want.


OLX: Connecting Buyers and Sellers:

OLX is the best online platform in Pakistan that acts as a bridge between people seeking to buy and sell a wide range of products.

It functions as a versatile marketplace, facilitating transactions for a vast range of items, from vehicles to electronics, pets, and even fashion accessories.

Wide Range of Products:

OLX boasts diverse categories that encompass an extensive range of products, making it a convenient one-stop destination for both buyers and sellers.

Users can effortlessly list and explore products, including cars, bikes, mobile phones, pets, watches, and much more.

Many Used Cars on Installments

This article shines a spotlight on the practicality of acquiring used cars through OLX, with a particular focus on installment payment options. OLX acknowledges the importance of offering a flexible approach to car ownership.

Convenience of Installment Plans:

The installment option provided by OLX is tailored to streamline the process of vehicle ownership. Buyers can spread their payments over a period, making it a more manageable path to owning a car.

Enhanced Accessibility:

By enabling individuals to procure cars while spreading payments over time, OLX enhances the accessibility of vehicle ownership to a broader audience.

FAQs | Used Car On Installments In Pakistan | Second Hand Cars On Installments

List of Top 7 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan?

Here is the List of the Top 7 Car Leasing Companies In Pakistan | used car on installments:

1. ORIX Leasing Pakistan
2. Pak wheels car leasing

3. Pak Sufi Financing Co Pvt Ltd
4. Asian Leasing Corporation
5. Pak. Gulf Leasing

6. Dewan Motor Car Leasing Company
7. Saudi Pak Leasing

What is a Giving Used Car On Installments?

Giving Used Car On Installments is like purchasing a secondhand car and paying its cost into manageable monthly payments, making it easier to afford over time.

How do I find Second Hand Cars On Installments in Pakistan?

You can look for Second Hand Cars On Installmentsplans at dealerships, or check out online platforms like OLX and PakWheels. Many car sellers offer financing options.

How much is the down payment?

The down payment is a lump sum you pay upfront when getting a used car in installments. It usually ranges from 10% to 20% of the total price of the used car in installments.

Write the process of how to get Second cars in installments.

These are the following processes of how to get the Second cars in installments:

1. Finding Your Dream Car: Start by choosing the Second Hand Cars in installments you want to buy, considering factors like the make, model, and price.
2. Finding The Best Dealer: Locate a trustworthy car dealership that offers installment plans and has a good reputation.
3. Negotiating The Price Discuss and agree on the car’s price with the dealer. It’s like finding a price that works for both of you.
4. Getting An Installment Plan Set up a payment plan with the dealer. This plan breaks the car’s cost into smaller monthly payments, making it easier to afford.
5. Making The Down Payment Pay an initial amount, known as the down payment, to secure the car and the installment plan.
6. Pay Money and Collect Documents and Car: Pay the rest of the money as agreed, collect all the necessary documents, and receive the car.

What are second-hand cars in installments?

Buying second-hand cars in installments means getting a used car and paying for it bit by bit over time, instead of paying for the whole car all at once.

Which companies offer second-hand cars in installments?

These companies offer second-hand cars in installments:

1. Pak Wheels Car Leasing Company
2. ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited
3. Pak Gulf Leasing Company

How does the installment process work for used cars?

The installment process for Used Car On Installments works like this: You pick a car you like, agree on the price, and make a down payment. Then, you set up a plan to pay off the rest of the car’s cost over time, usually in monthly payments.

What factors should I consider when choosing a company for second-hand cars in installments?

Factors to consider include interest rates, down payment requirements, the condition of the used cars, reputation, and customer reviews.

What is Pak Wheels Car Leasing, and how does it work?

PakWheels Car Leasing is a way to get a car without buying it all at once. You choose a car you like, agree on the terms, and start making monthly payments.
It’s like renting a car for a longer time, and you can drive the car while you’re paying for it. This makes owning a car more affordable and accessible.

What services does ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited offer?

ORIX Leasing Pakistan Limited offers a variety of financial services to help you with your needs. Their services include vehicle leasing, equipment leasing, and more. They are a trusted and experienced financial company that can assist you with various financial solutions.

What is the process for leasing a vehicle with ORIX?

To lease a vehicle with ORIX, you typically choose a vehicle, agree on terms, make a down payment, and set up monthly payments for the lease.

What are the key services offered by Pak Gulf Leasing Company?

Pak Gulf Leasing Company provides a range of financial services, and one of their specialties is helping people fulfill their dream of owning a car. They offer vehicle financing, making it easier for individuals to buy their dream car.

What is OLX, and how does it work?

OLX is a major online platform in Pakistan that connects buyers and sellers. You can use this website to sell or buy a wide range of products, including cars, bikes, mobile phones, pets, watches, and more.
It allows people to list, discover, and purchase a wide range of products.

Can I purchase a used car in installments through OLX?

Yes, OLX offers the option to buy a used car on an installment basis, making it more accessible for buyers.

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