Fully Funded Scholarships In New Zealand For Pakistani Students 2024

Scholarships In New Zealand For Pakistani Students are made possible through a commendable collaboration between the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and three distinguished institutions—

  • University of Auckland
  • Massey University
  • University of Waikato.

These Scholarships in New Zealand have merit-based selection criteria, face-to-face interviews conducted by esteemed New Zealand professors, and robust financial provisions.

Beyond the tangible benefits, these scholarships pave the way for higher education pursuits, offering Allowances and comprehensive Tuition Fee coverage.

Having said that, let’s start our guide!

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Fully-Funded Scholarships In New Zealand For Pakistani Students (Male+Female)

Fully-Funded-Scholarships In-New-Zealand
Fully-Funded-Scholarships In-New-Zealand

Table of Contents

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Comprehensive Scholarships Across All Fields

Comprehensive financial support is extended to Pakistani students at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels through fully funded Scholarships in New Zealand.

The scope of these scholarships is inclusive, covering a wide array of fields of knowledge. A pivotal condition for candidates seeking these scholarships is to secure a suitable Ph.D. supervisor for their research pursuits.

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Selection Criteria Of Scholarships For Pakistani Students

The selection process for these scholarships places a strong emphasis on merit, considering candidates based on their academic achievements and standing.

Distinguished New Zealand professors and supervisors play a pivotal role in the selection process, conducting face-to-face interviews with candidates in Pakistan to assess their suitability for the Scholarships in New Zealand.

Upon successful selection, candidates are required to fulfill various documentation requirements. These include degree verification, legal bonds, study leave arrangements, and completion of necessary admission procedures.

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Financial Support Details Of Scholarships In New Zealand For Pakistani Students


Details regarding financial support for Scholarships in New Zealand for Pakistani students are outlined below:

University of Auckland:

  • Maintenance Allowance: Receive NZ$ 1,733 per month, addressing living costs, accommodation, health insurance, visa renewals, and other academic/personal expenses.
  • Tuition Fee: Direct payment to the university based on the invoice, ensuring a smooth academic journey without financial hurdles.
  • Enrolment Fee: NZ$ 1,000, covering health and travel insurance, providing added convenience to scholarship recipients.
  • Admin Fee: NZ$ 2,262 per year, contributing to administrative support throughout the academic pursuit, ensuring a seamless experience for scholars.

Massey University:

  • Maintenance Allowance: NZ$ 1,750 per month, providing scholars with the means for a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.
  • Tuition Fee: Direct payment to the university based on the invoice, promoting transparency in financial transactions and ensuring a hassle-free academic journey.
  • Enrolment Fee: NZ$ 500, a one-time payment encompassing health and travel insurance, streamlining administrative processes for scholarship recipients.
  • Insurance: US$ 413 per scholar per year, offering comprehensive coverage to safeguard the health and well-being of students throughout their academic pursuits.

University of Waikato:

  • Maintenance Allowance: US$ 1,083 per month, addressing a spectrum of living expenses and academic/personal needs for scholars.
  • Tuition Fee: Direct payment to the university based on the invoice, fostering financial transparency and clarity throughout the academic journey.
  • Insurance: US$ 413 per scholar per year, providing extensive coverage for health-related concerns, and prioritizing the well-being of scholarship recipients.
  • Admin Fee: As per university guidelines, contributing to administrative support to enhance the overall academic experience.
  • Research Allowance: A maximum of NZ$ 9,000 exclusively during the PhD phase, dedicated to supporting research endeavors and fostering academic growth for scholars.

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Application Process Of Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Prospective candidates aspiring to benefit from these scholarships are urged to explore the various HEC Overseas Scholarship Schemes. Regularly checking the HEC website for updates on advertised overseas scholarships is crucial for candidates interested in pursuing this opportunity.

Eligible candidates are advised to apply under the specified criteria outlined in the announcements, ensuring a thorough understanding of the application process and requirements.

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FAQs | Scholarships in New Zealand

What are the key features of the fully-funded scholarships available for Pakistani students in New Zealand in 2024?


The Scholarships in New Zealand cover a Maintenance Allowance of NZ$ 1,733 per month, a Tuition Fee, an Enrolment Fee of NZ$ 1,000, and an Admin Fee of NZ$ 2,262 per year.

Are there any specific criteria for the selection process of candidates?


Merit is the cornerstone of the selection process, with candidates selected based on their academic standing. Face-to-face interviews are conducted in Pakistan by distinguished New Zealand professors and supervisors.

What documentation is required for successful candidates post-selection?

Fully-Funded-Scholarships In-New-Zealand

Successful candidates are required to complete the necessary documentation, including degree verification, legal bonds, study leave arrangements, and admission procedures.

How can prospective candidates stay informed about these scholarships and apply?

Prospective candidates are encouraged to explore the HEC Overseas Scholarships in New Zealand and regularly visit the HEC website for updates on advertised overseas scholarships. Eligible candidates should apply under the criteria specified in the announcements.

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