HBL Salary Loan (Get PKR 25K-30Lakh Salary Loan In Pakistan) [Sharia-Compliant]

HBL Personal Loan or HBL Salary Loan is like a friend that helps you make your dreams come true, whether it’s starting a business building a home, or some other need. It’s a special kind of help from HBL Bank.

This loan is there for you when you need some extra money. It’s like having a friend who supports you not only in good times but also when things get tough. So, whether you’re dreaming big or facing challenges, HBL’s loan is there to make your dreams a reality!

HBL Salary Loan or Personal Loan Details:

Loan Amount: HBL Salary Loan ranging from PKR 25,000 to PKR 3,000,000.

Repayment Tenure: Repayment tenure ranging from 12 to 48 months.

Markup/Interest Rate: The interest rate on the Loan is 35.99%.

In this article, we discuss HBL Personal Loan eligibility criteria, loan details, documents required for taking a loan, how to apply for a loan, etc. All the details are given below.


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HBL Salary Loan (Get PKR 25K-30Lakh Salary Loan In Pakistan) [Sharia-Compliant]


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What is an HBL Salary Loan?


HBL Personal Loan is like a gift for all the people in Pakistan to make their future bright. The main idea is to help young people who want to start their businesses and more.

You can get a loan from HBL ranging from PKR 25,000 to a big amount of PKR 3,000,000. You get to choose how long you want to take to pay it back, with options between 12 to 48 months.

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HBL Salary Loans via Mobile App

Now, getting an HBL Personal Loan is as easy as using your phone! Just download the HBL Mobile App, and you can apply for your loan without any problem. HBL is making it super quick and simple for you to get the personal loan you need. By simple process, and also simple verify and then giving you your loan.

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HBL Salary Loan Eligibility Criteria


Here are the details of the HBL Salary Loan Eligibility Criteria:

  • Salaried Individuals Preferred: The HBL Salary Loan is specifically designed for salaried who have their monthly salary credited to an HBL account.
  • Age Requirement: To be eligible for an HBL Salary Loan, the applicant must be 21 years or older at the time of loan application. The maximum age limit at the time of loan maturity is set at 60 years.

HBL Salary Loan Features

  • Loan Amount: You can get loan amounts ranging from as low as PKR 25,000 to PKR 3,000,000.
  • Repayment: Choose how long you want to take to pay it back, anywhere from 12 to 48 months.
  • Extra Boost: After every 12 months, you can give your loan a boost.
  • Life Insurance: There’s also something special, life insurance coverage.

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HBL Loan Calculator


If you get a loan amount of 300,000 from HBL, the interest rate on the total loan amount is like an extra cost. The interest rate for this loan is 35.99%, and no matter how long you take to pay back like if you take a loan for 12 months, the total amount you’ll have to give back, including the interest and taxes, is 3,607,584. It means you have to pay 607,584 extra amount in the name of Interest.

Documents Required For HBL Salary Loan

  • Verified Copy of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card): As part of the application process, applicants are required to submit a duly verified copy of their CNIC. This serves as a primary identification document and is crucial for processing the HBL Salary Loan application.
  • Verified Copy of Salary Slip: Applicants need to provide a verified copy of their latest salary slip.
  • Employer Letter (if Applicable): In cases where the applicant is employed, an additional requirement may include a letter from the employer.
  • Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment: Applicants need to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions associated with the HBL Salary Loan.

HBL Salary Loan Benefits

  • Effortless Accessibility: Obtain a personal loan through a simplified and quick process.
  • Application Process: Bid farewell to cumbersome paperwork, form-filling, and document submissions. The HBL Personal Loan process is designed to be entirely paperless, saving you time and effort.
  • Verification Process: Experience a hassle-free loan with the HBL Salary Loan, as there’s no need to navigate through a lengthy verification process.
  • Convenient Application from Home: Through the HBL Mobile App, you can apply for and secure a personal loan with ease.

Quick Evaluation Process

Swift Application Assessment: The HBL Mobile App expedites the loan evaluation process. Your loan application is promptly assessed, ensuring a swift and efficient review to determine your eligibility and approval status.

Instant Notification: Stay informed about your application status in real-time. Upon completion of the evaluation, HBL ensures you receive timely updates through SMS notifications sent to your registered mobile number.

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How To Apply For an HBL Salary Loan?


  • Step 1: Apply for Your Loan
    • When you log into the app, a popup will appear. Click on it to start your loan application.
  • Step 2: Confirmation of Evaluation
    • You’ll be notified that your loan evaluation has begun.
  • Step 3: Evaluation Completion
    • After the evaluation, you’ll get an SMS and a popup on the app confirming it’s done.
  • Step 4: Choose Your Loan
    • See a list of loan options tailored for you. Pick the one that suits you best.
  • Step 5: Review and Confirm
    • Double-check the details of your chosen loan and confirm if everything looks good.
  • Step 6: Submit E-Declaration
    • Confirm that you haven’t taken any other loans in the past 90 days.
  • Step 7: Accept Terms & Conditions
    • Once you agree, your loan amount will be instantly deposited into your account.
  • Step 8: Congratulations!
    • You’re all set! Now, use your loan to be financially independent.
  • Step 9: If You Choose “No”
    • If you decide not to proceed at any point, pressing “No” will take you back to the home screen.

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Contact Information

  • Website: For detailed information and online assistance regarding HBL Salary Loans, visit the official website at https://www.hbl.com/.
  • Phone Number: 111-111-425.

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FAQs | HBL Salary Loan

What is the financing limit offered by HBL Salary Loans?


The financing limit for HBL Salary Loans ranges from PKR 25,000 to PKR 3,000,000.

What are the available repayment tenures for HBL Salary Loans?


Repayment tenures for HBL Salary Loans vary from 12 to 48 months, providing flexibility to borrowers.

Is there an option for a top-up facility with HBL Salary Loans, and if so, how often can it be availed?


Yes, HBL Salary Loans offer a top-up facility, and it can be availed after every 12 months, allowing borrowers to access additional funds.

What are the eligibility criteria for HBL Salary Loans?


To be eligible, applicants must be salaried individuals with their salary credited to an HBL account. The age requirement is 21 years or more at the time of application and 60 years or less at the time of loan maturity.

What are the key benefits of HBL Salary Loans?


The benefits of HBL Salary Loans include:
1. Easy and quick application process
2. Paperless transaction with no forms or document submissions
3. Convenient access through the HBL Mobile App from the comfort of your home

How is the personal loan application evaluated on the HBL Mobile App?


The personal loan application on the HBL Mobile App undergoes a quick evaluation process, and upon completion, applicants receive an SMS notification on their registered mobile number informing them of their application status.

What documents are required for the HBL Salary Loan application?


Applicants need to provide:
1. Verified copy of CNIC
2. Verified copy of salary slip
3. Letter from the employer (if applicable)
4. Acknowledgment of terms and conditions

How can I contact HBL for more information or assistance regarding Salary loans?

You can visit the official HBL website at https://www.hbl.com/ or contact the customer service hotline at 111-111-425 for detailed information and support.

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