Rida Mumtaz is a dedicated financial professional with a strong commitment to social welfare and financial education. With her multifaceted experience, Rida has made significant contributions to both the finance sector and community development efforts.

Professional Experience:

  • Zonal Manager, Akhuwat Foundation Pakistan:

    • As the Zonal Manager of Akhuwat Foundation Pakistan, Rida oversees and manages various initiatives aimed at providing financial assistance and support to underserved communities.
    • She demonstrates exemplary leadership skills in implementing sustainable financial solutions that empower individuals and uplift communities.

  • Financial Expert for Welfare Organizations:

    • Rida’s passion for social welfare extends beyond her role at Akhuwat Foundation Pakistan. She actively collaborates with other welfare organizations, offering her expertise to drive impactful initiatives.
    • Her dedication to improving the financial well-being of marginalized populations has earned her recognition and respect within the philanthropic community.

  • Financial Educator:

    • Rida is a staunch advocate for financial literacy and education. She is actively involved in conducting workshops and seminars to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make sound financial decisions.
    • Her engaging teaching style and depth of knowledge make her a highly sought-after resource in the field of financial education.

Rida’s unwavering commitment to serving others, coupled with her expertise in finance and education, makes her a valuable asset in the pursuit of both financial empowerment and social justice.